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Calgary Adult Playground Club (C.A.P.C.)


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C.A.P.C. Review

Calgary, AB

City: Calgary, AB

Location in City: C.A.P.C. is located in the NE part of the City. It is not located in a busy area and is secluded. You’ll receive the exact location when you confirm attendance at an event or book a rental.

Type of Venue: Located in a secluded area in NE Calgary, the venue has a club-like feel although you hear no music and see nothing from the outside.  The entrance is set up very much like a nightclub with a host and jacket service. Further inside there is a large dance floor, bar for your BYOB beverage and many more things to explore! An upstairs area is the play room and decorated with a sensual kinky feel. There are areas and toys to play with.


Some of the evenings can be sexy, wild and lots of friendly interaction erotic, while others are a little more on the mild, gentle side. Mostly, people meet and mingle, some might dance. No two evenings are alike. Sometimes you’ll be in a real energetic party and other times you’ll notice the evening is somewhat more subdued and intimate. It all depends on how many people come, who is there, what mood they’re in. One thing is for sure – how much fun you have all depends on YOU.

What are the hours? Every Saturday & Sunday at 9:00pm & once/month, on Wednesday, they are open for Gangbang/Glory Hole Night

Private of Public Club? Private, all event-goers MUST be members. You will be required to complete a membership form (containing full name, age, form of contact (email is preferred)). They require identification and the membership form will be maintained on file. Please note attending as a guest does not guarantee that membership status will be granted, acceptance is a mutually agreed upon process by CAPC and yourselves.

What's the Cost? 


$40.00   Per person; invitation

$80.00   Per couple; invitation



$40.00   Per Person; Membership purchased when attending 2nd visit

$80.00   Per couple; Membership purchased when attending 2nd visit

Membership is valid for one year from the month of purchase.



$20.00   Per person (Applicable to all events after first visit/invitation)

$40.00   Per couple (Applicable to all events after first visit/invitation)

Do they have a Website? Click here to go to the Website


Alcohol Situation: C.A.P.C. is not licensed to sell alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own. They supply water, pop, energy drinks (Saturday only), juice, non alcoholic beer, ice, glasses, utensils, bottle openers, corkscrews, etc.

Food Situation: Tasty munchies are available.

Music Situation: Typical top 100 playlist played at a decent volume. I am fairly certain there was a DJ...

Parking Situation: The venue is located in a building that has a parking lot within a few steps.

Who can Attend? C.A.P.C. says their members are adults from all walks of life, nationalities and backgrounds. Generally, their members are avant-garde and sexually adventurous couples, single females or committed triads. Ages range from early 20s to 60s. Generally, their members are respectful couples and single females. Also, almost all of their members who are couples tell us they are in a stable, loving relationship with each other and because they are able to have open and honest communication, they are able to explore their sexuality and/or fantasies with each other.   The majority of members who join C.A.P.C. come with no expectations other than to mingle with sexy people and have a good time.

Typical Age: Few late 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and some 60+

Dress Code: Dress however you feel comfortable. First-timers sometimes feel more at ease dressing as they normally would going out for a nice dinner or to a nightclub. You won’t be out of place having some wardrobe fun and dressing according to theme. Everyone is open-minded and some are outright addicted to wearing the sexiest outfits that will grab attention. Put some creativity into it. Your evening is an escape from reality.


However please remember these simple rules:  cleanliness is a must. (No baseball caps, sweats material, ripped jeans, no runners). Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone we feel might offend other members by their appearance. Dress to impress!

Number of Play Areas: The upstairs is the "play area". There are some secluded areas and some open ones. It is tastefully decorated and very sensual with a kinky side. Loved it!

Number of Private Bedrooms: I don't remember...

Are there any props, toys, etc. to use? All play areas are fully outfitted for kinky fun! Of course there are bed, liberators and toys for your use.

How do we attend this place?!? Visit the C.A.P.C. website in the link above!

They ask you to  write a little paragraph about yourself answering the brief Q & A. They may respond with additional questions and encourage you to do the same. Applicants will be sent an invitation via email to one regular function. Note: C.A.P.C. only allow couples and single females to attend their Saturday Night events. A female or couple must accompany all males; no single males will be admitted (Saturday Night events).


Once you receive your invitation they will ask you to come earlier in the evening before regular members arrive. When you arrive you will be greeted by your hosts and be given a tour of the club; this will provide you more information about the club and give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

Special Comments: C.A.P.C. is a FUN, private adult social club for adventurous adults…MODERN COUPLES. They’re an upscale club, one that offers an alternative to mainstream nightclubs and underground sex clubs. They’re based on a foundation of respect, discretion, comfort and safety. They are not a sex/orgy club although we do welcome open, swingers, poly, same sex relations D/s and those curious about it.


The majority C.A.P.C. members are experienced lifestylers or curious or relatively new to swinging, bi-sexuality, polyamory, etc, while other members enjoy dressing sexy, nudity, exhibitionism/voyeurism, fetishes, etc. Their philosophy is that sexuality is healthy and should be explored in a consensual and safe manner. Their focus is on friendship and mutual respect and no pressure or expectations placed on other members.


Admittance is by invitation only. This enables C.A.P.C. to grow a membership of like-minded individuals. Some of their members are not into swinging or D/s, but they love to dress sexy and have a place to go to be seen and have a little fantasy, playful fun through various theme parties. Other members enjoy meeting like-minded people for friendship and possible relationship.

OUR VISIT: C.A.P.C. Has been around for YEARS and knows how to run their club. The owners are generous and very kind. They warmly opened their doors for us to attend. Having a venue in the city is a great bonus for us and we can also leave our car there if required.

We recommend this club for any newbies and veterans looking to shake things up!

Please contact us if you are a Lifestyle Club and would like a review completed.  We are always looking for new clubs and events to attend!

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