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Colette Club Review

New Orleans, LA, USA

City: New Orleans, LA, USA

Location in City: A short walk from Bourbon Street, this club is discretely hidden away. The address is : 822 Gravier St. New Orleans, LA 70112

Type of Venue: This was our first time visiting a Lifestyle club in the US - and we were impressed! When you enter the club, you check in at the front desk and do coat check (if necessary). Afterwards you go through a curtained area and then voila! You are in the main part of the club. The area is large and provides ample space for you to do whatever you desire. Lounge, sit and talk, have a drink along the bar or shake your booty on the dance floor - all options are available. It is an upscale atmosphere and tastefully decorated.

If you go through the entrance near the back of the club into the other room you are greeted by a pool table, dance floor and an entire wall of sexy artwork! There are strobe lights and bumping beats for those who want to dance. Having the walled barrier between the dance floor and community area makes it great for socializing. The playrooms are designated into two areas. The first is the dungeon area which is great for a cozy scene. There is a glory hole set up, BDSM cross and a fuck bench. Upstairs another play area is provided. There is a large bed with waterproof coverings and two benches available for people to use. There are also couches, lubes, condoms and cleaning supplies provided. I also found a sex swing and a few tools like floggers that guests are able to use.

What are the hours? Wednesdays & Thursdays from 9 pm – 2 am // Fridays and Saturdays from 9 pm – 4 am // Be sure to check the “Events” page for nightly specials.

Private of Public Club? Private, the club is member only. To apply for membership, click HERE.

What's the Cost? Complete pricing breakdown can be found HERE.

Do they have a Website? Click here to go to the Website


Alcohol Situation: Bring your own booze.  They provide free mixers and set ups. Premium mixers are available for purchase. Plastic and styrofoam coolers are not allowed. If you bring one we can place your beverages in an ice bucket and check your cooler for you to pick up when you leave. If you want to keep your beverages in your own cooler please make sure it is a nice cloth backpack or satchel style cooler. Click here for an example of an approved cooler.

Food Situation: I don't recall there being any munchies...

Music Situation: There is a DJ who mashes up a mix of dance music and party favorites.

Parking Situation: The venue is located in a building that has a parking lot right in front of the doors!

Who can Attend? This club is open to couples and select singles over the age of 21.

Typical Age: Few late 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and some 60+

Dress Code: We would like to see you dress as though you were going out to an upscale restaurant or nightclub. For the guys, this could mean a polo, button-down or casual shirt or designer t-shirt with slacks or nice jeans and some men prefer to wear a jacket. We ask that the guys do not wear work jeans, sports shoes, flip flops, jerseys, oversized clothing, baggy shirts, shorts or ball caps please. For the ladies, anything from a semi-formal, casual or party dress or a sexy outfit is fine. Beach attire is not allowed. Workout shoes, athletic shoes, rubber or plastic flip flops are not allowed. Dressy sandals are ok. Some women prefer to wear lingerie. Fetish, leather, and gothic wear are always welcome! Dressing in theme can also be fun!!

Number of Play Areas: The upstairs is the play area along with the dungeon area.

Number of Private Bedrooms: Zero

Are there any props, toys, etc. to use? There is a sex swing, lots of BDSM furniture and some tools like floggers available for use.

How do we attend this place?!? Visit the Colette New Orleans website and read the guidelines! You must become a screened member to attend. This includes couples, single females and select single males. On the Application Page is a form you must complete and bring for your first visit.

Special Comments: Club Enigma is fairly new but has grown into a community favorite in no time. It offers the perfect oasis for those who are a bit too far from Calgary or Edmonton for sexy travel. We love that there is a clean, fun and sexy place for people in the community to go to!

OUR VISIT: We finally made it to Colette in 2019 when we attended Naughty in N'awlins. We opted to go the last night, on Sunday and had the pleasure of getting the tour from John Melfi himself! As I mentioned this was the first Lifestyle club we visited in the United States so it is a little hard to compare it to others. With that said, our first impression was that we were wow'd! The space was massive and had a very sexy and sultry vibe. There were lots of areas to chat with people and get to know others in the club.

Upstairs also blew my mind! There was so much sexy space!

Overall, we loved the club! We are ecstatic that the Red Deer and surrounding area has a home club. It can be a long drive to Calgary or Edmonton for many in the area and making those trips during the night can be dangerous. If it wasn't for this club, many wouldn't have any other option. If you're ever in the area or just learning about it now - check it out!

Please contact us if you are a Lifestyle Club and would like a review completed.  We are always looking for new clubs and events to attend!

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