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Club Intimate Times (I.T.)

Blogged Experience

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First Time at a Lifestyle Club

journal of our experience

Club Intimate Times (I.T.)

Background Story

Background Story


We didn’t necessarily go anywhere sexy for this trip. Christmas had just passed, funds were a little low and we do hate leaving our dog for long periods of time. I heard of a marvelous DJ that was playing in a city close to us around New Year’s Eve and started to do some research for ideas in that city for New Years.  Naturally my mind typed in “top swinger clubs in Canada” and what do I find?  Not one but TWO clubs listed in this city – for those of you wondering this city was lovely Edmonton, Alberta.


I did some research for both clubs; Club Intimate Time (“Club IT”) was listed number three and 4-Play was listed number four. Club IT seemed to be more for us, it appealed to a younger crowd and seemed like they had a solid security check to weed out fakes.  So New Years was booked in Edmonton and we got all our tickets in order.


The first night we got there we had our show. The only trouble we got into after it was done was the two of us spending hours having mind blowing sex.  Although we do invite others into the bedroom, we have a very healthy sex life together.  Neither of us feels like we need to add more people in the bedroom to have great sex.  We have an amazing connection out of the bedroom that leads to passionate uninhibited love making between the two of us.  It honestly is a very hard thing to explain, I hope everyone experiences this type of love making at least once in their lives with someone!

The next day we laid and played in bed and explored the couples that Edmonton had to offer online.  In the LS this is often how you have to find and connect with other couples. We sent a few messages to couples that sparked some interest with us and immediately got some replies. One couple in particular seemed especially sexy to us. They were younger like us, professionals, looked sexy and fit and through texts and emails seemed to be normal – well, our kind of normal. We arranged to meet them the day before New Year’s Eve at a fancy lounge near our hotel.

Sexy Meet-up

When the day arrived to meet up with the couple (let’s call them RK), the BF and I did our usual pre-sexy night routine. I think a lot of couples in The LS can agree that the whole day leading up to a sexy night consists of some of the fun. We usually tease each other all day sexually because we are excited for the night.  There is also an air of nervousness’s, not quite like a first date, but similar.  I like the butterflies of meeting someone new who is sexually like me and I enjoy it even more being able to experience it with the person I love and trust and who has my back. 


We got to the lounge first and ordered drinks; the BF and I like to have a drink or two first anyways to calm the nerves and relax a little. We were almost finished our first beverage order when RK showed up. First impression was that they were very sexy and the type of couple we were into. Everyone ordered more drinks and started to relax. I wondered what we looked like from an outsider’s perspective.  We were the only younger people in the room and we discussed a lot of sexually charged topics! Discussion moved to The LS and we brought up rules and boundaries; we always like to make sure everyone is on the same page before things start to get sexual.  RK said they preferred to only soft swap, meaning they didn’t want to have intercourse with us. Each couple could have sex in front of one another though…and that is extremely hot to watch too. I announced I was heading to the ladies room and sexy K decided she would join.

Sexy Meet-Up

While I was drying my hands, things started to get steamy. A button on my blouse had become undone to reveal most of my breasts cupped in by my bra and sexy K noticed. “You have beautiful breasts” she told me as she grazed her fingertips along my skin “do you mind if I kiss your nipple?”  I whispered no and she pulled back my bra to reveal my pink erect nipple complete with a stud.  “Ooo it’s pierced” she happily smiled and flicked it with her tongue. She sucked on it hard and then looked at me and started to kiss my lips equally hard.  We got closer and more touching and groping started to take place.  We pulled ourselves apart and I we both giggled, I told her it would be pretty funny if someone walked in on us right now.  Picture seeing two attractive girls, one with her nipples out and one licking them, in a public bathroom of a fancy lounge in Alberta’s capital city!  We held hands and returned to the table to announce to the gentlemen that it was time to leave.


Sexy K and I had to go back to the hotel alone because we were getting low on booze our men were gentlemen and went to buy some more for us. We quickly made ourselves comfortable in some sexy lingerie and heels. We flirted and found some music to set the mood and things moved to the bed.  The guys returned quick and found a sexy show put on by us.  We were kissing and touching each other and soon were naked; Sexy K was comfortable around women and we started to lick each other’s bodies. At this point, both men were raging hard and could barely take anymore, we subtlety let them know it was ok to join. We escalated to heavy foreplay pretty quickly; each person had their mouth on another person’s body part in some sort of erotic and stimulating way.  We all were lost in pure carnal pleasure experiencing orgasm after orgasm with no judgement and within our boundaries.

New Year's Eve


The next morning we woke up knowing round two would start in only a few hours…it was New Year’s Eve day! Both of us were so horny from the sexy night before and had a morning of fooling around to ourselves. RK had been to Club IT before and had only good things to say so we were extra excited to see what the night had in store for us.  They made us feel a lot more confident in our choice and said their experience was x-rated and sexy as fuck.


We got to Club IT not knowing what to expect. I choose a sexy exposing outfit to wear and the BF looked handsome; we wanted to make sure we attracted some attention. As we went on an event night, we did not receive the club tour that RK told us they had been given. We figured things out rather quickly though and started to mingle with the other couples who were there.  We asked questions to couples who seemed to be regulars and they explained the “rules” for us. All the x-rated stuff went on upstairs which, at the moment, was restricted off by a large red velvet rope. As soon as the countdown happened at midnight and we kissed each other (and some other sexy strangers), the ropes were removed and some people made their way up the stairs.


For the next hour we both could not stop thinking about what was going on upstairs. We kept glancing up there and then at each other. When we could not stand to wait any longer, we went up to the viewing section.  The LS is all about respect and this club had no exceptions. If you chose to be clothed and not participating, you had to keep yourself behind a perimeter at the top of the stairs. It was already getting crowed there and the BF and I are not shy so we soon found a spot in the open sex couches and beds and started to undress. We both acted like no one was watching but we sex-ified it up for the audience going to town on each other. We had quite a few eyes on us and a couple eventually asked to join in after we started to put on a rougher than normal show. The night was coming to a close but we were just getting started with this new couple when people were asked to start leaving. This couple we started to play with were not our usual type; he was older then us, she was younger. We are not ones to judge though and we could tell they were a lot of fun and had experience in The LS so we happily accepted an invitation back to their hotel.

They had Dom/sub relationship and it was really sexy and interesting to watch and be a part of. She wanted to satisfy James and he wanted to dominate me. It was one sexual experience I will never be able to forget. We spent hours doing what most could only call pornographic things to each other. This couple was very much like us and we all got to experience full swap and few boundaries. Looking back now my heart races thinking about how sexy it was to watch James slid his cock in and out of her pussy while she straddled my head and he ate me out and pinched my nipples. Or sucking on his hard cock as he pushed it deep in my throat while James fucked me hard and she licked my clit; they all made me so turned on I squirted everywhere. To this day, so many sexy scenarios float through my head from that night. We played with toys, we played with each other and I had the best NYE I have ever had.

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