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SU Review - Astroglide Liquid Lubricant

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sex toy: GALA

by We-Vibe review

I am not a toy girl. Sure I picked some up here and there but they were more novelty items than actual mastruabtation tools. They were only brought out when I wanted to show them off, be adventurous with a new partner or if I was playing with a girl… For the most part I would use my fingers when I masturbated. Or I would grind on a pillow :P


Recently my attention has been brought towards toys once again. Promoting Sex Uninterrupted means I connecting to people in the toy industry. I’m also exposed to toys more frequently within the Swinger Lifestyle. Most clubs have a selection to play with and I know plenty of friends who like to use them regularly. So they are a big deal!

My collection has recently grown with some new additions I have been fantasizing about buying for years. I bought a strap on and beautiful double ended dildo recently at the last Taboo Show in Calgary. A friend also hooked me up with a new We-Vibe vibrator through her company Desire & Spice. Like I said, NOT a toy girl but how was I to resist choosing WHATEVER We-Vibe toy I wanted?! In the end I picked the Gala and patiently waited until she was able to deliver it at our Social.


It’s been a few years since I gifted myself a toy like this and I instantly I noticed things had changed. The box it came in was slim, attractive and reminded me of Apple packaging. The toy sat presented inside the box and underneath I found simple instructions, a silk bag and charger. Wow - the last toy I bought used AA batteries!!! Things were looking good!


I charged up the toy and read the simple instructions. It seemed pretty straight forward. Three buttons - one to change the setting, one to increase the vibration and one to decrease. I also saw you could download an app and connect your phone to the toy! I found the app called We-Connect and downloaded it to my phone, eager for the toy to charge up so I could test it out.

When the toy finally charged up I was pleased to find the buttons responded quickly to my touches. I hate when toys require you to put a lot of effort in changing the settings - my mind is usually focused elsewhere! The two nobs on the end were a treat. They actually mimicked what I did to myself digitally when I masturbated. Depending on the setting, they would move in a rhythm stimulating your clitoris and surrounding area. Some settings made the ends move in unison, some were in circles and some made them feel like they were tapping together. It was a lot of fun to explore each one! On my fingertips it felt good, on my pussy it felt even better! It felt very similar to what I would do but WAY less work. The Gala was also made of soft material and felt like soft skin touching me. It was VERY enjoyable!!! Each setting pushed me into orgasms but I am a lucky girl and find achieving orgasms quite easy. Usually I prefer penetration but this toy didn’t fail at all and easily provided me with round after round!

A few days later I explored what the app had to offer. The toy find your phone using Bluetooth and really it was quite easy after that. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, open the app, search for your toy and really it walks you through the rest! Very user friendly and easy to use - don’t let the technology part intimidate you either because the app actually offers some neat features! You can change the setting by swiping and increase or decrease the vibration through the phone too. Not only that - you can connect your lover and they can take control from anywhere in the world!


One night James took the toy out and played with me. Instead of using it between my legs, he elected to use it as a body massager! It felt really good and did quite an impressive job! He used it all over my back and neck and shoulders and eventually left me begging to bring it closer to my naughty parts...

Overall this toy does it for me! It simulates how I typically get myself off...

Overall this toy does it for me! It simulates how I typically get myself off, is soft, easy to use and can be used through an app! It doesn't have an exorbitant amount of moving parts - it’s just simple and to the point and I think this would be great for beginners and for women who prefer clitorial stimulation. I would give the Gala a 7/10. I do like penetration and even though the Gala is impressive and does all the tricks - it doesn't have anything going inside and those are my deeper orgasms.


Brand: We-Vibe

Name: Gala

Rating: 7/10



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