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We Vibe

we vibe

We Vibes are among my FAVORITE brand of sex toys - I own 4 myself! They are body safe & feel so soft and amazing!

butt stuff

Butt Stuff

These toys make exploring this place a little more interesting...and amazing!

strap on

Strap Me Up, Strap It On

Straps on's are great to use in group play and on each other! We love them!


Specialty for Squirters

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After years of arguing over who gets the “WetSpot” this company came up with a solution! This 100% Polyester waterproof blanket that is made with a “cool dry” fleece. It's designed to catch fluids from sex, lube and massage oils. Anything you can wash out of a regular blanket will wash out of this! It's great for any surface! Bed, couch, chair, backseat of the car or anywhere else your sex adventure takes you.

hi massager

visit the stores...

A website full of adult novitiates - you can find anything!

These waterproof blankets protect our bed & James from the wet spot :P

This tool has changed everything from my sexuality to my sleep!

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