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Club Intimate Times (I.T.)


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Club Intimate Times Review

Edmonton, AB

City: Edmonton, AB

Location in City: 17207-107 Ave. Edmonton, AB (per their website)

Type of Venue: This venue is set up much like a Nightclub with the "Feel of a House Party".  There is a dance floor, a DJ Booth with DJ, a free pool table, a fireplace lounge area, a cash bar and complementary snacks.

What are the hours? Friday and Saturday: 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM *No entry after 1:00 AM*

Private of Public Club? Private, they allow you ONE visit as a NON-MEMBER to determine if the club is the right fit for you. You are required to pay the Party Cover Charge for that visit. After this, if you wish to attend their parties, you will be required to become a Member of Intimate Times.

What's the Cost? There are three (3) different rates depending when you show up.  For a complete breakdown please visit the webpage as there is a large variety of rates!

Do they have a Website? Click here to go to the Website


Alcohol Situation: Cash bar - With regard to B.Y.O.B., it is illegal for an individual to bring liquor onto ANY commercial property for the purpose of consumption unless that establishment has a license that supports it – such as a ‘bring your own wine’ option at a restaurant.

Food Situation: Complementary chips, nuts, chocolate, fruits, lots of snacks available both Friday & Saturday (you can even make yourself a sandwich!). Saturday offers a selection of even more tantalizing items – both hot & cold.

Music Situation: DJ Booth complete with DJ

Parking Situation: There is a parking lot you are able to park in.

Who can Attend? Couples and single women who are escorted by a couple may attend.

Typical Age: Late 20's, 30's 40's 50+

Dress Code: Again, dress to impress or in the theme. NO Sweatpants, NO Track outfits, NO ‘Gangsta’ wear – and that includes Ball Caps, toques, stocking caps, (other hats, such as Cowboy, bowlers, etc., specifically styled for the theme or the outfit are usually acceptable).

Number of Play Areas: One open play area open upstairs after midnight.

Number of Private Bedrooms: I believe there was one...

Are there any props, toys, etc. to use? I don't remember seeing anything of the sort, obviously there were towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

How do we attend this place?!? The couple MUST read through the Dress & Decorum/FAQs (under the Join Us Tab) on the website then:
-text  them
-e-mail them, or,
-arrive at the door


You will be greeted at the door by a door attendee. They will explain to you certain rules and you will sign a waiver of confidentiality – thus you will need to bring your GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO IDENTIFICATION. You will then pay your cover charge.

Special Comments: Intimate Times boasts that they have the best members. They encourage people to express their inner sensuality while feeling safe. They understand some may want to wear sexy outfits in a non-judgmental environment.  They have members in open marriages, poly-amorous relationships, some who are there only for voyeurism and the rest who welcome ‘anything & everything in between’ the is safe, sane, & consensual. Their goal is to be the place where you get to express YOU!

OUR VISIT: I have done a blog of our experience here for New Years Eve 2014!!!  Please visit the link below! This is a great place to attend if you are looking to go out on the town and get your club fix.  On-premise play only happens upstairs after midnight.  Lots of room and lots of different areas to get to know people and converse.  Loved the dancefloor and the live DJ!

Please contact us if you are a Lifestyle Club and would like a review completed.  We are always looking for new clubs and events to attend!

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